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WP AutoWebby Review: New software lets you run automated webinars

perhaps you think webinars have to simply die already. Be thrown at the content scrapheap along with ninety nine% of infographics. I listen you. whilst Ryan, our Director of customer success, and i first considered web hosting webinars, the horribly dry, technically good enough pitch sessions I’d attended had been clean in my mind. a few entrepreneurs may consider webinars as overrated or old.

I suppose it’s time to start taking webinars critically.

We did, and our webinar registrations grew from one hundred ninety to nearly 3200. In 2013, webinars became our maximum effective advertising channel, surpassing our weblog, our ecourse or even our ebooks.

(PSSST! We lately hosted a WP AutoWebby Review approximately webinars, get the recording.)

on this put up I’m going to provide you a absolutely powerful step-by way of-step method for marketing webinars using four landing pages and three emails (no big deal, proper?). Of path we don’t stick to this method religiously. We’re usually checking out new ideas. As need to you. #alwaysbetesting

earlier than you begin coming up with topics to cover, you’ll want to get clean on what your dreams are.

For us, giving our community an opportunity to examine and ask questions in real time became virtually interesting. We have been also trying to distribute our content in new approaches.

however the proper goal of our webinars from a advertising perspective turned into to boom hobby in Unbounce and ultimately, boom sales.

The 15 Steps to Killer Webinar advertising

in this (quite epic) put up you may discover ways to:

1.         establish a Compelling & Actionable topic

2.         find & Woo expert guests

3.         Craft Your advertising replica

4.         construct (& test) the “sign up for the Webinar” touchdown web page

five.     in no way pass over a publish-Conversion opportunity

6.         build (& test) the “offering” landing web page

7.         Tailor Your Social advertising

eight.   cozy Your target audience with the Invite e mail

9.         Prep Your guest

10.       send the “final risk” email

eleven. Host Your Webinar

12.       first-class-tune Your Webinar Recording

13.       build the “Watch the Recording” touchdown page

14.       send the “observe-Up” e mail

15.       Convert Your “sign in for the Webinar” landing web page into a “Get The Webinar Recording” web page

earlier than the occasion

1. set up a Compelling & Actionable topic

The exceptional manner to pick a webinar subject matter is by way of accumulating feedback. find out what your clients and potential clients need to analyze, then deliver beyond their expectations. communicate to those at the frontlines: your customer support group, network supervisor or, better yet, your customers.

For pleasant conversion outcomes, preserve the topic tied for your product or supplying. That way, whilst stimulated attendees leave your webinar to perform the recommendation they had been given, your answer is the primary one they’ll think about.

2. locate & Woo industry professional guests

Who does your community look up to? Who do they aspire to be like? Wooing a seasoned speaker often includes proving that you may convey them business.

explain the attain of the advertising you’ll be sporting out to drive human beings to the webinar. provide past webinar registration/attendance numbers. lure them in with the promise of your qualified target audience. constantly lead with what’s in it for them.

What if you don’t have a big target market or tune file? on occasion professionals who've made their name writing thoughtful content material are looking for approaches to exercise their speaking in a expert, but extra intimate putting. in case you’re truely strategic approximately it, offering them the danger to make a suggestion to your wonderful-qualified and captive audience will be sufficient to sway them. instead, remember that no longer every webinar desires a visitor or speaker from outside of your organisation, in reality, Passivly review can be a top notch area to start.

three. Craft Your advertising and marketing copy

make an effort to carefully craft the advertising reproduction to your webinar. You (and your guest) will use this on landing pages, e-mail invitations and social advertising. some recommendations:

•           The webinar name have to answer the question, “what will i get with the aid of giving you an hour of my time and interest?” The more actionable the title, the higher. The high-quality performing title we’ve used for an “Unwebinar” changed into 10 landing web page mistakes You’re probably Making and the way to fix Them

•           encompass a brief description accompanied via three-four bullet factors of exactly what the attendee will study from attending

•           Your visitor ought to be added in a way that qualifies them because the quality of their enterprise. inclusive of a image allows customise them, and allows visitors familiar with them don't forget that they already realize and accept as true with this expert

4. build (& test) Your “register for the Webinar” landing web page

Don’t use your webinar tool’s touchdown page. It doesn’t speak in your logo, possibly doesn’t appearance that incredible and you can’t optimize it thru A/B trying out.

We use an Unbounce touchdown page to accumulate registrant information and connect it via Zapier to send their data to the GoToWebinar platform, which we use to host our webinars.

We’ve been A/B testing the equal fundamental landing page design for every webinar we’ve held. Our registration pages now convert at 60-70%, that’s a 150% boom in conversions over the usual GoToWebinar page!

Use the Decinema Anamorphic Review:

•           specific promoting Proposition – Your actionable webinar title

•           Hero Shot – Your expert guest and bio

•           advantages – what is going to people learn from the webinar

•           Social evidence – Testimonials approximately the guest or your preceding webinars

•           call-to-action – Your registration form and button


Asking people to participate earlier (by means of submitting questions, as an example) is a notable way to assist build out the webinar content and get greater “purchase-in” from registrants.

For our technology of touchdown Pages webinar(above) we requested registrants to put up a touchdown page for a live critique, obtained 500 landing web page submissions and noticed our highest attendance rate yet.

5. by no means leave out a publish-Conversion possibility

affirmation pages (aka “Thank-you” pages) are a significantly undervalued advertising and marketing opportunity. The folks that attain your confirmation pages are splendid qualified and willing to interact with your content.

After the conversion, when they’re nevertheless hot for you, provide extra.

by means of which include a form to join the Unbounce weblog on our webinar registration confirmation web page we grew our subscriber list by way of 60% in only 2 webinars.

KISSmetrics grew to become webinars into their #1 acquisition channel the use of a similar submit-conversion tactic.

publish-conversion method is a lovely issue. Sing it, Oli.

6. build (& take a look at) Your “supplying” touchdown page

the use of the same five factors you used above for your “sign up for the webinar” landing web page, build any other landing page, however this time, instead of promoting a webinar, you’re selling your business.

New business is in spite of everything what we’re all looking for. This page might be used strategically at some stage in your webinar campaign.


For the high-quality traveller enjoy viable, give a boost to why site visitors have landed there, wherein they came from and that they’re in the right location.

in the case of the instance above, this “imparting” click on-via touchdown web page was for a webinar about email advertising and marketing. We used “e-mail advertising and marketing” reproduction in each the headline and sub-heading to make sure a strong message match between traffic supply – our webinar advertising – and touchdown web page.

•           primary Headline: the perfect way to build committed landing Pages for electronic mail Campaigns

•           Secondary Headline: ship your electronic mail clicks to a landing web page that converts

7. Tailor your social advertising and marketing

each social channel has its own benefits and must be dealt with for my part. Blasting every channel with the equal message inside the same manner out of your fancy social publishing tool received’t reduce it.

•           Use a hashtag on Twitter before, during and after the webinar (ours is #unwebinar) to interact with the community and acquire some first-rate testimonials for future webinar advertising.

•           Create a Google+ occasion – the notification receives driven to each one of your followers – and publish in any applicable G+ groups you’re related to. you can also take benefit of the giant cover picture space through uploading a promotional banner related to the registration touchdown page.

•           encourage your LinkedIn connections to spread the love about the webinar 1-2 weeks prior to the event and discover a non-spammy manner to put up approximately it in relevant advertising businesses.

•           after which there’s fb.  weeks previous to the event, try importing a new cover picture promoting the webinar. and then a week or so before the occasion, you could submit a concept-provoking quote from the expert visitor – related to the registration web page, of course.

eight. cozy Your Webinar with “The Invite” e-mail

e-mail is the single most effective manner to power hobby in your webinar. 70% of all our webinar registrations come through our invitation emails. Your webinar invite electronic mail may have 3 factors at which a conversion is made:

1.         The situation line wishes to be concise and interest-grabbing sufficient to have a person open the email, however still describe what the webinar is ready. We check our e mail challenge lines on nearly every e-mail we send. You should too.

2.         The frame reproduction must be concise and deliver the benefits of attending the webinar. we discover that using humor is a high-quality manner to maintain someone’s attention, but the tone you use will rely upon your commercial enterprise.

3.         the decision-to-movement (CTA) linking in your registration touchdown page have to be easy to look and the front-and-middle. The text need to describe what they’ll get once they click on the button – we often use “store my seat.”

pro tips

•           In each webinar e mail we include the following textual content: “Can’t attend the webinar? check in anyway and we’ll send you the recording.” We include this in a number of our social sharing as well. positive, it could harm attendance on account that human beings won’t worry about missing it while the day comes, however registration (lead gen) improves dramatically, and no person feels like they’re lacking out just because of their busy agenda.

•           Use a “playstation ” for your e-mail. hyperlinks blanketed right here are regularly the most clicked of any link. We use the “playstation ” to hyperlink to our “supplying” landing web page, which offers traffic greater records approximately our product.

9. Prep Your visitor

•           Set expectancies. Your guest might be accustomed to being on webinars, however anybody runs theirs a little in a different way. Be clear at the webinar schedule. Ours generally run like this:30 min before start time: Host and visitor start testing audio stages and software

begin time to five min: Welcomes, house responsibilities and intros

35 min to 45 min: visitor takes over for presentation

very last 10 to 20 min: Questions from attendees and wrap-up

•           help with the Slides. put together slide templates to your visitor of their preferred layout (Keynote or PowerPoint, as an example). when they’re executed including their content, provide (or higher but, request) to head over them. This offers you a chance to offer remarks and clean up any little mistakes you notice.

•           Have a get dressed practice session. How often have you ever had a Skype video chat pass wrong? Now consider including screen sharing software, broadcasting competencies, and a slide presentation. add a second presenter with their personal assumptions, script, knowledge of software program (or lack thereof) and time table. Mitigate the inevitable technical hiccups by using doing a dry-run per week before the webinar date. Use the same software program and hardware you propose to apply. It additionally virtually allows to get a third character to enroll in the dry run as an attendee to affirm they don't have any audio or video troubles.

10. ship the “final threat” e mail

Don’t underestimate the electricity of urgency. about a 3rd of all our webinar registrants join up from the email we send the day earlier than the webinar. It’s essential to segment your listing cautiously so you aren’t spamming absolutely everyone (kittens die in any case).

We most effective send the “final chance” electronic mail to people who never opened the invite e mail. Make it clear that this absolutely is their last threat to find out about all the first-rate stuff you’ll be teaching them.

The occasion

11. Host Your Webinar

gather your dream team. Your setup can be partly decided with the aid of what webinar software you’re using, however we have no much less than 5 human beings involved for the duration of a webinar.

you may merge the final 3 roles under in your early webinar days like we did (ahem moi), but be geared up to interrupt them out whilst your quantity of attendees picks up.

Webinar Dream group:

•           The Host is targeted on engaging the target audience and guest, interjecting at opportune moments to invite considerate questions and keep momentum up from begin to finish.

•           The enterprise professional guest is offering their heart out.

•           The Sidekick (occasionally furiously) answers attendee questions that are available in thru the chat field and gathers precise questions for the presenter to invite.

•           The community supervisor monitors the webinar hashtag on Twitter and fields questions from attendees. they're also a remarkable individual to acquire up any URLs referred to all through the webinar for sharing at once and within the follow-up e mail.

•           The supervisor continues a chicken’s eye view, retaining a watch on target market attentiveness (a real-time meter in GoToWebinar that may deliver lots of insight into what’s operating and what’s not), a watch on Twitter and the GTW query container in case any red flags are raised, and an ear at the audio pleasant and pace. If anything seems amiss, The manager unearths a way to fix it and/or passes data along to the presenters or sidekick.

We’ve additionally located it useful to apply GoToWebinar’s survey characteristic while attendees go away the webinar to acquire comments by means of asking in the event that they located it beneficial, and to see which topics attract the maximum certified leads.


•           ensure you press the “document webinar” button. You won’t make that mistake two times. We often have greater than 1 man or woman record the webinar from separate places.

•           offer something greater to do after the webinar is over. that is some thing we picked up from our pal Nemo at KISSmetrics. at the very start of our webinars we permit attendees understand that for every person who's involved, we’ll be providing a demo of Unbounce after the webinar is over. On average approximately 40% of attendees stick round and retain to ask questions. awesome. Don’t overlook to link in your “providing” landing page!

Curious approximately what webinar device to get? Ryan talks approximately what system Unbounce makes use of for Screencasts and Webinars.

After the occasion

12. high-quality-tune Your Webinar Recording

The recording of your webinar is one of the maximum critical portions of webinar advertising and marketing. Don’t overlook, you’ve promised the recording to all people who registered and there’s absolute confidence that you’ll be requested a handful of instances earlier than, all through and after the webinar while you’ll be sending the recording (never fails).

If any evident errors have been made in the course of the webinar, now’s your hazard to edit those blemishes out, or you could upload special effects, splash pages, or CTAs into your video. whilst you’re happy with the video, upload it for your video player of desire (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.).

thirteen. construct the “Watch the Recording” landing web page

despite the fact that the recording may be hosted by means of YouTube or Vimeo it’s important to create a touchdown web page with the recording on it. in this web page encompass the identify and outline of the webinar, a pleasant large embed of the video, and a CTA linking in your “offering” touchdown web page.

This “webinar recording” touchdown page is in which you’ll send webinar registrants and attendees for your webinar comply with-up electronic mail.

(live with me, lead gen magic coming quickly…)

14. send the “observe-Up” e mail

If there’s one factor we recognise about webinars, it’s that humans want the recording. So give them what they need thru email. And be short approximately it!

move your listing of registrants and attendees from GoToWebinar (or whatever webinar device you’re the use of) to your favourite e mail marketing device. There’s a number of methods you may need to segment your list so that you can send them relevant electronic mail. as an instance, “attended” vs. “did not attend”, “requested a question”, “raised their hand while you asked if they desired a product demo”… you get the concept.

although we’ve attempted many ways to slice and dice, we segment our listing clearly by “lead” vs. “client”. This permits us to feature a name-to-motion to our “presenting” touchdown web page in our follow-up e mail to leads, however not to customers.

in your observe-up email you’ll encompass:

•           A short recap – How the webinar went and what was covered

•           The webinar recording – This links to the “webinar recording” touchdown page you created above

•           The webinar slides – You’d be amazed how commonly we’ve been requested for these

•           sources referred to at some stage in the webinar – collected by using your network supervisor

•           A request for comments approximately the webinar – start a conversation!

•           A promotional provide from your guest (if any)

•           A CTA linking for your “imparting” touchdown web page (if leads)


email your guest too. percentage the recording link with them. Ask them the way it went. shower them with compliments – they deserve it.

15. Convert Your “sign in for the Webinar” right into a “Get The Webinar Recording” landing page

The A/B checking out middle internal Unbounce indicates you the typical variations of our webinar registration pages

Now’s the time to repurpose your webinar registration page as a landing page where people can sign on to watch the recording.

for your touchdown web page tool, duplicate the “check in for the webinar” page and on the brand new variation exchange the copy to reflect the new goal, your new call-to-movement: “Get the webinar recording.” ship folks who complete the form to the “webinar recording” landing page you built (in step thirteen).

by using the same URL in your “Get the webinar recording” lead gen landing web page as your initial registration web page, all of the merchandising you probably did prior to the webinar will now hyperlink in your new “get the recording’ lead gen page.


link in your “Get the Webinar Recording” lead gen touchdown web page out of your internet site’s assets library to maintain your webinar alive forever.


do we gauge the success of our webinars by the wide variety of recent customers every webinar drives? Of direction we do. but to appearance simplest at that metric might be quick-sighted.

we try to make every Unwebinar an academic, unique revel in for our target market and something that enables fortify Unbounce’s function as the touchdown web page chief. here’s how we recognize our webinars are operating:

•           Attendance – Our month-to-month Unwebinars receive a mean of two,400 registrants and 550 attendees.

•           Attendee satisfaction – We’ve been capable of accumulate some of rates from Twitter that we can use as social evidence. Of the attendees surveyed in our closing Unwebinar, eighty% stated the event became the highlight in their day.

•           Survey results – through GoToWebinar’s surveys, we’ve discovered that 41% of our webinar attendees are qualified leads.

•           New clients – without giving away the farm, allow’s just say webinars had been the number one advertising and marketing channel for brand spanking new clients this yr. They’re a large deal!

with a bit of luck, in case you’ve made it this a long way, you’ve been given more than a few ideas in your subsequent webinar. Any tricks you’ve tried that I ignored? I’d like to pay attention approximately what’s worked (or no longer) for you within the remarks.

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