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AgencyProfits360 Review: Build your Profitable Local Agency in just minutes

Although it can be tedious, try to provide maximum information about your business. It’ll give a minor boost to your search engine optimization and make your customers happier.

The first important information is general details about AgencyProfits360 Review. Casey recommends you to use at least 250 words (preferably 400 words) in your Google My Business introduction. It should be unique content to let your customers know in detail about your business.

For your Google My Business listing, you’ll see a profile completeness bar at the top of your dashboard. You can get it to 100% by taking action based on recommendations it provides you.

If you’re short of time, then I would recommend you to use a paid tool like Moz local. It simplifies your work by distributing accurate and consistent business listings to major aggregators like Infogroup, Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, Factual and Foursquare.

They even send you notifications for updating listings, inaccurate spellings in your citations and deleting any duplicate listings.

To get started with Moz local just you need to upload your location data in their excel sheet template.

You can watch the video below to understand how Moz local works.

You can also use Brightlocal for checking accuracy and consistency of your NAP listings. It can even help in tracking your competitor citations and going after them.

Step #2 – Build credibility for your business

You know the power of link building and the importance of building crediblity for your company, whether it’s a small business or a local service.

Would you like to get the top spot among those carousels (local pack listings)? Using link building aside, read on. 

Then you need these 3 things.

  1. Local NAP citations, like your phone number (which we already discussed in step #1).
  2. Local Reviews – in quality as well as quantity.
  3. Claiming your business on Google My Business.

First, let’s discuss cultivating good local reviews for your business.

WP Social Contact Review can make your business stand out in search results prominently with the rich snippet. This will increase your CTR.

In fact 90% of customers admitted to getting influenced by positive reviews before buying from a business.

The problem is that customers don’t like seeing negatively reviewed businesses – 86% of consumers are influenced in their purchasing decisions based on negative reviews.

To add to the misery, Google as well as Yelp offer convenient rating filters that might just wipe out your business listing (if you’ve low ratings).

Let’s look at how you can get more positive reviews.

Start with changing your mindset about reviews. They aren’t a one time thing, but an ongoing process. A natural progression in the number of reviews on a continuous basis will deliver great results for your business.

Next, zero in on the directory where you want to collect more reviews for your business. Read the terms and conditions of the website to find out if soliciting customers for reviews is okay with them.

Yelp does not permit you to ask for reviews from your customers. They believe it sacrifices their integrity. But you can use Yelp badges on your website to let customers know about your Yelp presence.

On the other hand, Google encourages you to remind your customers about reviews and to encourage feedback.

“Remind your customers to leave feedback on Google. Simply reminding customers that it’s quick and easy to leave feedback on Google on mobile or desktop can help your business stand out from sites with fewer reviews.”

Note: For any directory, I strongly advocate against buying reviews.

Then, you can place links to 2 or 3 listing presences in these five places:

i. On your About page, you can ask your visitors to check you out on review websites.

Look how Matteo’s bar and restaurant mentions its review sites presence at Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon and OpenTable.

Or, create a separate page on your website explaining how to post a review. Look at Tidalwave Traffic Review does it below.

ii. You can also add links to your listings in your website’s header or footer.

iii. You can also add one or two links in your email signature.

iv. Inform the customers you serve offline about these review websites through flyers. You can use Whitespark’s free handout generator for printing flyers that show your customers how to post reviews on Google.

You just need to fill your business details, and click on the generate button.

You’ll then have a pdf ready that you can give to your customers.

v. Offer discounts to your current customer base (maybe you’ve built an email list) for posting reviews.

You can also use a paid service like Get Five Stars for sending automated feedback requests to your customers. It integrates with 45 online review websites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more.

If you want more strategies to get reviews, you can check out my detailed article ongetting 5 star reviews at Quick Sprout.

A quick note about negative reviews

Dissatisfied customers are more likely to come online and post about you. But don’t get depressed or ignore the review. Here are the 3 steps you need to take.

i. Start with a sincere apology and try to fix the issue. A great example is RJ Hidsonbelow. Look how he tackles a negative review on his attitude.

Bad reviewers can help you improve your business. Look at this video interview of Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and Food Network’s Sarah Moulton conducted by Seth Godin. They have turned their failures into successes.

ii. Take the issue offline. Example – Yelp lets business owners email customers for resolving issues.

iii. Request that the reviews website remove a defamatory or fake negative review. If you aren’t allowed to do so, then you’ll have to rely on getting more 5-star reviews.

Let’s discuss how you can setup your Google+ Local listing.

76% of SMBs in Inside Local’s survey reported a good or excellent ROI. So you need to dedicate time to Google My business.

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google My Business, then here is a video tutorial to walk you through the process.

In step 1, I have already emphasized adding unique, in-depth information about your business. I’ve also hopefully shown the importance of keeping your NAP consistent with other listings.

Here are a  couple of more important recommendations about Google My Business.

1. Upload as many high-quality pictures of your business as possible.

Generic photos won’t convince your customers, whereas accurate high-quality photos will increase your CTR.

2. Get as many reviews on Google as possible because it’ll lift your search rankings.

Finally if you find your business has duplicate listings, you can use Google’s Map Maker for removing them.

Step #3 – Create local content for earning links, social media following and press mentions

Most businesses forget that ultimately even their local search rankings are heavily influenced by backlinks. Your customers also look for the social media presence of your business. In fact, social media can serve as a substitute for your website.

In the Moz local search engine ranking factors survey, link signals accounted for 18.3 % and social signals accounted for 5.8 % of the total.

What does that bring us to?

Good old content marketing.

It can help you in increasing your social following as well as earning backlinks.

For getting your local SEO campaign off the ground, creating local content can do wonders. You can get local press mentions as well.

So how do you start to make your content locally relevant?

Not by just stuffing a local phrase.

Yes, including your city or neighborhood names in the title in your content will help. But you should aim to add value to your local community

You can include details about upcoming events in your locality. Or start a blog and post about local industry gatherings, news, etc.

But, I want you to get out of the closet and not think of content just as written word.Mike Ramsey puts it aptly – everything around you that tells a story is local content.

Let me show you 4 examples.

1. You can dedicate a website section to posting reviews from your customers. Look how beautifully Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Columbus, Ohio does it by publishing video reviews on his website.

He even has a section on patient selfies.

Isn’t this a creative way to build credibility and gain more business?

Scott (Dr. Jeffrey is his client) says that these reviews have not only helped in reaching potential patients. But they have also led to new patients asking the doctor’s staff to feature them on their website.

2. You can create a neighborhood guide like Airbnb has done for some its most popular locations.

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