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P1 Profits Review: Page 1 Ranking Blueprint for fast moolah

In P1 Profits Review, I mentioned ranking a site without backlinks.  This is something which i had always wished to ensure that you finally I've the data to persuade you that it's possible.  First, if you didn't read my prior post, you is going back again and read it.  I did so include some basic rules I would follow because of this test.  Listed below are the following guidelines I followed because of this particular area of interest site:

?            Look for a keyword with at least 1000 queries monthly: That is low enough to keep things less competitive but high enough to get some good traffic and preferably some income.  Furthermore, I wish to select a keyword which gives me further options for other supplementary keywords.

?            Select a domain I've already enroll or the one which has been listed for at least each year: I, and you ought to not want to invest $300 with an aged website name unless you are actually invested in so that it is an power website.  Here, I am simply wanting to rank this amazing site without the backlinks.  Now, the reason why I really do want a domain name already registered is basically because it, if parked or with some content, already has some traction force.

?            Create 20 high quality articles of 800 words or even more centered on similar keywords: The target here is to generate excellent content without heading overboard with 100 or even more articles.

Specific niche market Website Details

As I stated in the last post, I had not been and am not heading to reveal the website name because of this website.  The explanation for this is the fact that I'd inherently get backlinks.  Definitely that could completely void any improvement I've made.  Nevertheless, I want to offer you some details hoping that you can replicate this technique.  It was challenging but I finished having the ability to do it.


I spent lots of time doing key word research on domains I now have.  I truthfully have a great deal i am just seated on, but also for most of them I implemented my format for researching a distinct segment.  Exceeding search conditions and data cannot have been done without needing seomoz therefore i want to give thanks to that group for an excellent product.  Now, the keyword I select was actually a term.  The phrase does indeed add a term that is clearly a reasonably competitive term.  For example, a similar key phrase would be "best canine beds" and the keyword that is competitive is "dog foundation."  The figures for the word fit nicely in my first guideline.  The term itself gets 1400 queries monthly.  Now, I will remember that the competitive keyword within the key phrase gets over 20,000 queries per month.  The largest issue here's that I recognized the search time received over 1000 queries per month.

Sub-Keywords: Article Titles

Once I determined the keyword I had been choosing, I used google's keyword tool to find similar conditions which were less competitive.  This normally included conditions that received significantly less than 300 searches monthly.  Then i used Keyword Magnet to find additional conditions.  The condition with Google's keyword tool is that it's limited.  In cases like this, I really wished to follow those additional non-competitive conditions for articles.  For instance, easily used "best dog foundation" Keyword Magnet could help me find "best dog foundation for small flats" and "canine beds for pups."  Once I had formed a set of 100 conditions, I made a decision to sit back and search Text Deliver Review on Yahoo to see that which was out there.  Often, the first three results were relatively useful but because they are long tail keywords, often these were not competitive by any means.

I chosen 20 keywords to follow when writing my articles.  This really helped me receive the traffic I needed though.  When you can find 20 keywords that get 200 queries monthly that equals 2000 queries per month.  When you can rank in the very best 10 for every single of these then you will surely get some good clicks.  At least that is and was my basic thought.

Domain Name

As I discussed earlier, I used a area I used.  The prevailing concern that was that I had been trying to rank in serach engines for a key phrase without backlinks and I did so not want a fresh website name to harmed my chances.  However, I am interested to see if this might utilize a brand new domain.  To be clear, the area I've is a .com which is the exact expression of the principal keyword.  For instance, maybe it's  This allowed me an outstanding chance to rank for a keyword with 1400 queries per month.  If you're looking for names of domain, use Bustaname, it is a fantastic website and a great source when deciding though.  I actually debated about using another website name and keyword because I came across a less competitive key phrase but finished up utilizing a area I had listed 2 years earlier.

Building the web site

I followed the article I composed on building your website and used a style from DIY Designs.  Remember, i only wrote the required pages like a contact us or around page combined with the 20 pages that have been the articles mentioned previously in this article.  The point here's that I did so spend time creating a fully functional topic site.  This is not something I simply threw up there with some articles.  I really believe this played a job in my own success because this is really a good website that tourists enjoy!


Now, I've had this amazing site up for approximately 3 months.  Inside the first month I got finding my website in the most notable 10 for some of the articles.  Within the next month, I main homepage was rated in the very best 10 of Yahoo.  Take into account that my main webpage has 1000+ words and articles talking about the primary issue.  Listed below are my results below:

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