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Loop-it Review – How to Bank $200 per Day

There’s no other way that you can MAKE MONEY ONLINE (Without Spending a Dime) aside from blogging. Internet today had become the most popular source of income for everyone, a lot of people use the Internet to make money online. And for the beginners or to those who haven’t tried it yet, they might think that making money online is a big joke. But as you can see in today’s world, it has been proven and tested already that anyone can make money online, if only a person is determined to make money online. Although not everyone is blessed such skills of writing. Blogging needs a lot of concentration and searching. Before you can start blogging, you need to do some research first on what kind of strategies you’re going to apply (only if you’re a beginner)

Though, not all people who write blogs intend to make money online, a lot of people writing blogs about their life and the things they love, without monetizing their blog.  Writing a blog is somewhat like a DIARY, you write the things you love, the things you know, yet the things you hate and the things that can make you happy or just anything that make you comfortable with.. But how can you really make money online through BLOGGING? Well, the only way you can make money through blogging is monetizing your blog, and once you’ve monetized your blog, money will start popping!

Though GOOGLE requires a minimum content before you can monetize your blog, you have to create a Google Adsense account first in order to monetize your blog. Creating Google Adsense account only takes few minutes, after filling up the form you’ll just have to submit it and then wait for approval! But Make sure that your blog contains the minimum quality content, and that you have the minimum traffic that Google Adsense required, because if not, your application will get denied.


Starting a blog is easy, you can start writing a blog at BLOGGER or at WordPressIf you’re just new into blogging world, then it would be nice to start a blog using these two blogging platform to you build audience. Building your audience first is very important if you’re  newbie, it is very important to build connection to all the people you want to get connected to, so it would be easy for you to share your blogs through sharing buttons (social media) and Google plus. Why sharing your blog articles is important? simply because that’s the only way you can generate a website/blog traffic. Your sharing your articles because you want people to know about it, not unless your blog is friendly enough to appear in Google Search Engine or any other search engine.

There’s a Loop-It Review, and you have to chose the right niche for your blog. Choosing a niche for your blog is very important, make sure that the niche you’re going to chose is interesting or something that would capture someone’s attention. You can write about fashion, if you’re into it, quotes and saying maybe, Internet marketing (if you’re into it) business and so much more.

If you really want to make money online without spending a dime, then blogging is the best choice for you, though it would take time for you to monetize your blog and make money from it. Not unless you’d be able to write 100 articles per day. then, then maybe that would make it more easier for you to make money from your blog

Here’s another example from Buffer. The words “secret” and “confession” drive clicks like moths to a flame.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.13.39 pm

Use CoSchedule headline analyser to gauge the quality of your headlines. It gives you an overall score based on how unique, emotional and powerful your headline is.

ProBlogger’s post on “7 Tips to Help You on Your Way to Blogging Full Time”, for example, scores an A+ grade.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.14.25 pm

5. Incentivize your readers to share or sign-up for your email list

Offering customers an incentive to get others onboard is a time tested growth tactic used by established companies and startups alike. Dropbox, for instance, used incentives in its growth stage to get 60% more sign-ups.

But that’s for tech startups and service businesses. How can a blogger use incentives to get more shares and emails?

Here’s an example from Kedavra Prestige Review:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.14.59 pm

Gates offers an incentive – donating a flock of chicks to needy farmer – for every action a reader performs on the blog.

Your incentives don’t have to be quite as dramatic, of course. You can get equally strong results (well, almost) by giving away information.

Here are two incentives you can use right away:

A. Offer a prize through a giveaway

A giveaway is a simple contest where you give away a prize to contest participants chosen at random.

Josh Earl used this tactic to grow his email list by 3,418% by giving away a copy of Sublime Text Editor (that costs just $70).

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.15.27 pm

B. Offer information in exchange for emails or shares

This is something most bloggers are already familiar with – offer an incentive of information to get emails or shares.

This could be a downloadable guide, a PDF version of an article, or even hidden content in a blog post., for example, offers readers “content upgrades” in exchange for an email:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.15.46 pm

VideoFruit does the same by offering readers a “swipe file”:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.17.02 pm

Yet another way is to use content lockers to get more shares. You simply hide part of your content behind a social lock and incentivize shares by giving away valuable information.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.17.46 pm

Over to You

Getting more traffic without spending on advertising isn’t hard, but it isn’t a cakewalk either. By taking advantage of these unusual hacks, you can quickly get twice or even thrice as many readers, shares and subscribers.

Here’s what you should take away from this post:

Take advantage of untapped channels such as to get more traffic to your site.

Share your content multiple times and ask readers directly if you want them to perform an action.

Use incentives to get more shares and subscribers.

Spend at least half as much time on your headlines as you do your content.

Which of these hacks have you used on your own blog? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, First of all let me say that this is not one of those hype you up posts. This is the real truth. I am going to tell you the process you can follow to make yourself an actual business without spending a single penny on advertising, websites, domains or any darn thing else. And that also means not spending any money on me. I am not selling an ebook!

But what do you need to spend? Time!! This is not about an easy way to make millions this is about a business and being a business means you need to expend the energy and put in the work in a professional manner.

Come on! Does this really work? Yes it does and I will give you a good explanation.

Like I said - You need to put work into this and that is something of value to many other websites and companies. You are expending energy and improving. You just need to figure out how to monetize this energy without spending any money.

Okay, enough of the pep talk, here is what you do:

Step 1: Make a decision about a subject that you are really interested in or really passionate about. This is going to be the subject that makes you money and the subject that you work at. This subject can be absolutely anything. I mean ANything! It could be butterfly collecting, hummels, unicorns, art, detective novels, the history of ornithology. It doesn't matter. Any subject will make you money. The key is that it has to be something you are passionate about. Seeing as you are going to spend time on this subject it has to be something you love.

Step 2: Sign up for a blogger account. That's right. It's totally free. This is going to be your main home page and where you do a lot of the work. This will be your main, but not only, source of revenue.

Step 3: Sign up for a google adsense account. This is free and the main way you will make money.

Step 4: Sign up as an associate. You will sell things through your blogger account and amazon will give you a percentage of the sale. (As high as 10%) Im not kidding here. It really happens.

Step 5: Sign up for a squidoo account

Step 6: Sign up for a Hubpages account

Step 7: Sign up with some article directories (These are places on the web you submit articles to)

The framework is now in place for you to actually start making money from your website. And you haven't spent a single penny. I'm serious here. You can really make some money.

Okay, you say, but what do you do? How do you tie all this together?

 Getting Started: All of this may take you several hours to do. So set aside a good amount of time and make this your first day. Write a notation on your calendar of the first day you started your new business.

Now- This is some work and I said that you are going to have to do some work. If you can't make it past this step then the rest of this is probably not for you.

Before you start here are the links to sign up for all these accounts:

  • Blogger sign up (create a blog with a name that is similar to what your website is about. For instance, if your subject is medieval swords then create a blog named medieval-swords, or something very similar. This is important because the name of the blog will help people and search engines find you easily.
  • Google Adsense Sign up It used to take a day or two to get approval. I am not sure if this still is true but it doesn't matter. You need your blogger address first because google is going to ask for it.
  • Sign up Free and fast. And they sell everything, not just books. You will find some great products for your web visitors.
  • Squidoo Sign-up
  • Hubpages Sign-up
  • Signup Your First Article Directory - You will write articles about your subject and submit them to this directory. It is one of the best. As you learn you will sign up at more directories. Start off with just one.

Lets get this ball rolling

( I recommend you put together a nice 3 ring notebook to keep all your business notes in. And create some new folders in your web browser to keep information and websites organized)

The Blogger account is going to be your main point of operation. This is where most everything happens and this is where you will probably generate most of your income. So start writing information and articles about your chosen subject. Write at least one article every day, and if you can manage it write two or more but spread them out in time. Don't write and article and then write another, put a space of at least an hour between articles.

A. After each article you write ping your blog by putting your blog information into pingoat. This notifies lots of blog services that you have a new post on your site. You should also check out this automatic pinging service

B. Check the blogger options to see if they will automatically create a google adsense account for you , if so then sign right up and active the ads on your blog. These ads will generate money for you. If you have to sign up directly at google and wait for your account number that's ok. Keep writing posts on your blog about your subject.

C. Put amazon ads in your blog posts. Choose books and products that go well with your subject matter or even write reviews about specific products and have the product right there for them to buy from amazon. Remember: You will get up to 10% of the sale.

D. Write more articles and post interesting information on your blog. Keep doing it! Every Day at least once. Some tips: Write reviews, post interesting web links, dig up pictures, write how to's, give your opinion, take a poll. Lots and lots of stuff you can do.

Next - You have the basic framework for making money from the site. It's all done. Now you have to drive the traffic to your site and this is where the rest of it comes in.

A. Go to squidoo and hubpages and create a lens(squidoo) and a hub (hubpages) on your specific topic. Over time you will create even more hubs and lenses that get specific about your subject. In the lens/hub write lots of good stuff about the subject and add links of course to your blog! (this drives traffic and works) But:

B. And this is important Both squidoo and Hubpages have revenue sharing with google adsense which means that you give them your adsense account number and you will also get money from squidoo and hubpages just like Blogger does. Does it get any better than this? Sign up!

Okay, now we are going to get fancy!

C. Now start writing articles about your subject and submit them to (as you get better you should sign up with other article directories too. Easy to find just google "Article Directory"

The important thing about writing articles is that at the bottom of each article (This is called the Author Resource Box) you will put a bit of information about your website and give them a link. When people read the article they will be very prone to click on the link and come to your blog! Voila, more traffic.

About Writing articles. It's not that hard and I have tutorials on that right here on this website. Write your first articles between 300 and 700 words in length. Ttutorial on article writing

Okay, thats the whole process and you haven't spent a dime. But you have put in some work. Now keep it going. Write more blog posts, make more hub pages and lenses and write more articles. The traffic will start flowing in. I am telling you! This works. In time you will be getting thousands of hits a day to your site. And you will be making money.
Google pays you, amazon pays you and blogger, hubpages, and squidoo all add into your google account.

Why will you make money? Very simple. All of the feeds to your blog are articles, hubpages, and lenses. People have read these resources because they are very interested in your subject. And they have clicked through to your website for that reason. These people are very very prone to make purchases because you are offering them things that are very relevant to their likes.

Now there are lots of things you can do to improve the whole process, save time, get more traffic, and make more money. I recommend you start going through my tutorials here and learn how to get better.

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