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Conversly Review – Easily To Capture Your Potential Leads

Attracting more potential customers to your franchise website can boost your search ranking, helping you to be more competitive. And once visitors are actually there, live chat solutions provide a real person to answer their questions immediately, allowing you to turn these anonymous visitors into qualified leads. Understanding the value of the Conversly Review can help you promote your company and its services more effectively and can substantially increase your profitability. Here are four tips for capturing leads more effectively in the online environment.
Tip 1–Help Potential Customers Find You Through Content and Promotion

Parting ways from the old, interruption-based marketing methods, Inbound Marketing uses relevant, information-rich content to attract prospects’ attention. Start with engaging stories and testimonials on your website, in addition to explaining the benefits of your offering. Provide links to your website and company contact information in blogs and articles you post. Expand your presence in the Internet community by participating in online forums and commenting on posts. In all of these activities, be sure to include a live chat button. In essence, you’re providing something of value to those who need your solution, as well as a live person to answer questions and gather contact information.
Tip 2–Avoid High-Pressure Tactics

Capturing leads is a delicate process. Pressing too hard or too fast with prospective clients can scare them off or leave them with a negative impression of your franchise and its products. Working with an experienced live chat service provider can ensure the right approach in these situations and can allow your franchise to stand out from its competition. Data indicates that live chat interactions provide greater prospect satisfaction than telephone, email or forms, leading to higher conversion rates.
Tip 3–Minimize Customer Effort

In a similar vein, the ability to answer prospects’ questions immediately through live chat allows you to capture valuable contact data and increase conversion rates. Consumers are on the whole unwilling to provide extensive personal information in the online environment. They also may balk at lengthy contact forms that take too long for them to fill out. Giving prospects the quick and easy live chat alternative to lengthy form completion alleviates this problem and can go a long way to helping them feel more comfortable with and connected to your franchise operation. This can allow you to reach a wider audience in the consumer marketplace and can help you achieve the most effective lead capture rate from your online marketing efforts.
Tip 4–Time Is of the Essence

When your company does capture leads, responding quickly can make the difference between landing a sale and losing business to another company. It’s critical to compliment your lead capture capability with a timely, efficient lead processing capability to ensure this valuable asset is not wasted..
As a leading managed live chat services company, Chat 24/7 Live delivers around-the-clock personnel support for your franchise to ensure that inquiring prospects can reach you anytime, night or day whether through your website, banner ads, social media pages, email campaigns, blogs or newsletters. And when they do, you’ll be able to answer their questions, learn who they are and convert them from VidMozo Review.

Website visitors’ information is the key to business intelligence for companies of all size, but even more so for SaaS products. It gives you understanding about who is visiting your website and what they are looking for. With information like that a company can better target different customer segments, find out what attracts visitors, understand people’s needs and wants, and communicate more effectively with the market.

One way for companies to collect website visitors’ information is through the use of customer touchpoints.


Customer touchpoints are encounters where customers and businesses exchange information. They are vital for companies because of the clues they give about visitors. If used to their full power, customer touchpoints can help you to qualify a potential lead in the sales cycle and it is also the first step in creating a customer journey map (the journey of the user and his interactions with the business).

In a previous article we talked in length about the main touchpoints that companies use to get website visitors to leave their information. Here we will only briefly mention the most common methods of collecting data because we want to focus more on the HOW and not on the WHAT.


Most common customer touchpoints :

  • Trial Signup
  • Newsletter form via Blog
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Login
  • Whitepaper/Brochure/PDF download


There are some things that need to be considered when thinking about which customer touchpoints to use. First, most people consider using only the methods with which they’re already familiar with. This means almost everyone focuses on the same tricks and ignores other promising ways. In fact, often the most underutilized channels are the most effective ones.

Second, it is hard to predict which touchpoints will be most effective for your specific product/service and industry. An educated guess will get you only so far. The best way to find out what works best for you is to start running tests, try out as many different things as possible and see what works.


How to convince website visitors to give you their information

Just because you request someone to give you their personal information doesn’t mean they will comply. Around 98% of website traffic remains anonymous; meaning that almost all of website visitors land on a page, look around and then leave. The problem is that companies can’t distinguish between people that are just browsing and potential buyers which are on the fence and haven’t decided if they want to become a client yet.

Ideally, businesses would like to know everyone that visits their pages as it gives a lot of valuable information, but that is unrealistic. Only a small percentage will award you with their information. And this is considering you already have solid touchpoints which convince people to reveal themselves to your company. But if you don’t have any ways of understanding who is interested in what you have to offer then you are already behind the curve.


Here are our TWO TOP TIPS on how to convince people to share their information with you:


  • Content is KING – Content marketing is not a new concept but in recent years it has become an integral part (if not the flagship) of many digital strategies. Among other things, content marketing is great for improving SEO, increasing engagement, and finding new sales and marketing leads. It is also an amazing customer touchpoint, if done right. How it works is you download a newsletter/email widget for your CMS and integrate it to appear on your blog articles. This means you are only one enticing CTA (call-to-action) message away from receiving those sweet e-mail addresses! Keep in mind that people will subscribe for your blog only if you frequently publish high-quality, relevant content. This means companies need to not only put a lot of effort in creating excellent articles but also understand who is their target group and what the readers are interested in.


  • Offer “Free” Knowledge – Think brochures, white papers, info graphics, case studies, videos, lessons, eBooks, presentations. A lot of businesses write about what they’ve learned in their industry and distribute it for free. This serves couple of purposes. First, it establishes rapport with readers, telling them that you are a thought leader/ authority in your industry, and they better follow you for the best information out there. Second, by writing about your industry, you make sure that only people that know the industry or are involved somehow will be digesting the content – this is your target group. Third, everyone can access this information (brand awareness) and they only need to give their e-mail/contact information. Everybody wins!


The take-home is that people will give their information only if they believe it will bring them value. When thinking what makes people subscribe for something, consider what would convince You to do it. If you win over someone with quality content he or she will be more than happy to come back for more and to “social-proof” your brand.


For more valuable tips on Lead Generation and capturing website visitors information, check out our sales & marketing intelligence solution, LeadBoxer.

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