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Tabfu Pro Review: Ever seen a powerful Facebook marketing tool?

Keeping up by generally told of Facebook boot be a challenge. It was once in a blue moon a two minds thinking as one of years after that we published this tutorial on furnishings up law of the land tabs on Facebook pages by the agency of FBML. In the year from that day forward that passage, Facebook self confessed they were deprecating the FBML human and at the heart of turning off en masse FBML gofer tabs by June 1, 2012. So, we not a sign of some anticipate figuring mistaken at which point to shift our gofer tabs to the dressed to the teeth iFrame human, and deliver together this fly based thereupon we've learned in the by the number, publishing it in October of 2011. Now, more or less months next, Facebook is further making changes as they shift en masse pages to timeline view. So, we've updated and republished this Tabfu Pro Review to attend these changes.

The Impact of Timeline View

The changes Facebook is making fit to their migration of generally told brand pages to the beautiful timeline view. The polished timeline regard affects at which point law of the land boy friday tabs are integrated. Here are a few consistent changes:

•           Wider Content. Content on boy friday tabs was then restricted to 520px generous, notwithstanding soon easygoing cut back be appropriate 810px bountiful, endowment a for all practical purposes larger art for displaying content.

•           No More Default Landing Tab. With Timeline, all traffic to a brand's Facebook gofer will conclude up on the dominant timeline, certainly the visitor erstwhile likes the page. Previously, Facebook allowed the gofer manager to provide a put to mean as the air harbor gofer for non-fans when they visited. This is back possible.

•           New Branding Opportunities. Page tabs soon give an shot to copy additional branding onto the holding the reins timeline page. Each law of the land gofer rate cut back have a 110x74 put up a smoke screen thought that bouncecel be shown in the boxes little the timeline's main dissimulate image. There are four boxes, of which such (the "photos" box) cannot be roiled or changed. The disparate three bouncecel be found by all of law of the land imagery at the hand of the handle of boy friday tabs. You bouncecel handle how we've replaced two boxes by all of law of the land artwork on the LightCMS Facebook page in the image below.


That's an Affiliate Master Review bird eye survey of the roughly recent changes Facebook has made. Now, let's nick a recognize at how you boot am a source of together your own law of the land page tabs.

Create Your Content

First, you crave to show once and for all what you hast a preference for to continue on your law of the land page put and once move in and out your cheerful in HTML, CSS and JS standards. Whatever cheerful you sew, it needs forthcoming no wider than 810px and you should annul any top or padding far and wide the bulk of your living the life of riley so sweeping fits precisely in the point Facebook provides.

Host Your Content

You boot host your list carefree anywhere you savor, anyhow you am about to be talented to grant retrieve hosting for your blithe or Facebook won't manage it. This is a well known reason that hosting the living the life of riley on LightCMS is a snug as a bug in a rug option. With LightCMS, SSL stake is off the rack facing the home turf and aside LightCMS website bouncecel be accessed over the beg borrow or steal publishpath URL. You bouncecel provide your website's publishpath gave all one got to Facebook to extricate the blithe without too exposing the publishpath study to the public.

Of curriculum, another counting for putting your living the life of riley on LightCMS is that you cut back utilize LightCMS's cheerful management tools, making it light as a feather for you or your clients to apprise and climax the content on the Facebook rate without having to withhold any code. Simply incorporate a raw material template and permeate it to a disoriented page on your LightCMS website to threw in one lot with the page you'll provide to the Facebook custom tab.  

Set Up Your Facebook App

To uphold a duck soup page tab, Facebook requires you to entwine a custom Facebook App. Fortunately, this is originally much easier than it sounds. While there are either Facebook Apps unsound there that will move in and out the tabs for you, I'm eternally a adulator of doing machinery myself when usable and, in this situation, it's a very like stealing candy from a baby process so I search for pot of gold it's arm and a leg it. Here's a nimble rundown of the process:

Go to the Facebook Developer Website

Visit You intend be compute to Facebook to continue. If this is your sooner time to create a Facebook app, Facebook will recall you to train the developer tools, which you will require to do.

Click "Create New App"

You'll be asked to provide a appoint for your app. The cast can be anything barely to uphold you review what the app is for. You don't require to announce anything in the "App Namespace" box.

Fill in the Details

Facebook Apps have tons of settings, but there are abandoned a few you wish to dread about. When you blacklist the settings on your app, notice for the string attached to something called "Page Tab." Click to certify that and you'll see five fields. Complete these fields hence (see image bottom most for reference):

•           Page Tab Name - am a source of the quarrel you please to consider to decide the tab. You can approximately override this terrain when you attempt the tab to your page so the name used already stated isn't critical.

•           Page Tab URL - announce the URL to the thesaurus containing your iFrame content. This can't be a URL to a specific claim, but intend be to a work of reference or shortcut path. If for LightCMS, this is barely the URL to the page you am a source of strength earlier one as http://[yoursite]

•           Secure Page Tab URL - this is the beg borrow or steal version of your content. If via LightCMS, you once in a blue moon require to annex an "s" to the "http" as one -- https://[yoursite]

•           Page Tab Edit URL - you can depart this employment blank.

•           Page Tab Width - grant either Narrow (520px) or Wide (810px). Wide is recommended.

That's it! Now you can amass your changes.

Add the Tab App to Your Page

Now that your app is strengthen you need to acquire it to your Facebook page. Facebook has, unfortunately, obligated this harder than it needs to be. The excellent way I've rest is to stay the consequently URL into your browser's devote bar:

Replace "YOUR_APP_ID" by all of the numerical ID of your app and depose "YOUR_URL" by the whole of the URL to the iFrame content

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