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Playtraffic Review - World's First Playlist Marketing Software

One of the most often neglected aspects of a brand’s video marketing on YouTube is curating playlists for your fans. For anyone who thinks that no one ever pays attention to them, think again. One of the most popular playlists of all time is from Old Spice’s original ‘Man your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign. That playlist has over 450,000 plays!

Even those with lots of YouTube marketing experience aren’t up on playlists. If you’re new to creating YouTube playlists, read this Playtraffic Review to see the six types that you can create for better YouTube marketing.

Creating YouTube playlists for your video marketing efforts

  1. Create YouTube playlists which group by date

This tactic is for those who create videos on a daily, or weekly, basis. The great thing about them is that it gives people who have missed out on your video time to catch up again. Why create all of this video content only for it to be forgotten when a Playlist grouped by date can catch people up?

Regular vlogger Ray William Johnson, of =3 Studios, has been using this tactic for years. He takes all of his videos, which air regularly every week, and puts them in order by air date. If you missed a week of shows you can put the Playlist on and catch up. Missed a month of shows? Let it play on!

  1. Create YouTube playlists which group by theme

There are all sorts of ways that this can work. It will come down to the type of content you produce, but successful playlist themes can include:

  • Customer tutorials
  • Employee interviews
  • Product features
  • How to videos that focus on one area (How tos for the home, for the backyard, etc)
  • Different types of content you produce
  • TV commercials

The Home Depot’s playlist collection is one of the most extensive on YouTube. The vast majority of it is their own content. See how they build playlists for their Martha Stewart videos, their DIY ‘from scratch’ videos, and even their employee recruitment:

  1. Create YouTube playlists for the holidays

No matter the brand, company, or country, you can always create playlists for the holidays!

No matter the brand, company, or country, you can always create playlists for the holidays! This can come in two forms:

  1. Products of yours which are great for the holidays.
  2. Curated playlists of holiday music, other videos about the holidays you enjoy, etc.

The benefit of the first playlist should be obvious. You may, however, be wondering about the second. Creating a playlist of other people’s content? What’s with that?

The secret here is that you’re creating a playlist for Twitter and social sharing, not for better YouTube marketing. Creating these playlists well in advance, and sharing them just before and during the holidays, can see your Twitter account retweeted, your Facebook page shared, and your Pinterest repinned.

For a bonus, contact the video creators in your playlist and let them know you’ll be sharing them. Give them the specific time it will be shared on social media, and @mention their account if possible. This is a good example of influencer marketing.

In the Gigavid v3 Review below, Bed, Bath, and Beyond show us how to curate a Holiday playlist.

  1. Create YouTube playlists which group product types

Any company can create playlists for their different product lines.

Every company out there creates products of all types. Sony makes electronics, sure, but under that they make TVs, the PlayStation, smartphones, laptops, and on. Any company can create playlists for their different product lines to help YouTube viewers who are looking for information about specific products.

Check out how Lowe’s created a playlist just for their most interesting and innovative products. Think about how it can inspire purchases that people never knew they wanted to make!

  1. Create YouTube playlists from other YouTube channels

Think about: How a store which sells clothing can benefit from curating a playlist from the designer?

Wait, popularizing someone else’s YouTube channel again?!? Before you get too bent out of shape, think about:
How a store which sells clothing can benefit from curating a playlist from the designer.
A car company putting up racing videos of their cars winning.
A video game maker could pull videos from YouTube gamers which feature their product.

The possibilities are endless, and they all connect to you keeping people engaged in your brand story.

A funny example of this is when RockStar Games, maker of the controversial Grand Theft Auto Series, curated the song playlist from the game from YouTube videos.

I watched it once while playing the game. It was fun!

  1. Create Private YouTube playlists for staff training

Remember back in the not too long ago when a new staff member would watch VHS tapes in the break room on an enormous TV on a cart? Come on, I’m not the only person old enough to remember!
Thrown out those VHS tapes, get rid of the TV on the cart, and step into the 21st Century by creating private YouTube playlists for staff. You can set them up in the order you want them to watch them, sit them down at any computer, and get them up to speed.

When there are new training modules that staff need, upload it to YouTube and send them the link. When you notice that an employee has forgotten something, send them the link and ask them to watch it again.

This is, of course, something I can’t show you. It’s private! You’ll know you’ve come across something like this when you see this screen.

Advertising Playlist that answers questions businesses have about beginning with the online corporate video showcasing. The playlist, situated on YouTube video showcasing channel at Sometimes a company YouTube channel can have heaps of recordings, however not the greater part of your video content is pertinent to each guest to your YouTube channel.

An excessive number of recordings, particularly with unessential content, can bring about your client feeling overpowered and deadened, and leaving your channel to search somewhere else. Making custom YouTube playlists can help you center your client on the content they are searching for one answer for this issue is to make custom playlists on your YouTube channel.

Custom playlists can help you to focus on your clients better. Divided YouTube playlists additionally give you an SEO help. You can add watchwords and labels to every playlist, permitting you to rank profoundly for your picked territory. Fragmenting online recordings into playlists can advantage little businesses, yet it can likewise be an extraordinary trap for bigger organizations with immense measures of online video content.

YouTube Marketing playlist comes during a period when businesses are beginning to utilize web video generation, site video publicizing and online video promoting systems for their items and services as a viable showcasing technique. That gets organizations more movement to their site, more leads and more deals.

YouTube Marketing playlist incorporates content to help businesses make and execute online video showcasing creations to drive new business opportunities. Businesses can rapidly get answers about online video generation and online video promoting, as the radio meeting is separated into different short recordings on the YouTube Marketing Playlist.

Reelnreel is an online video publicizing creation Services Company and video promoting Services Company that has practical experience in creating and executing web video content showcasing techniques to build deals, lead era, and customer faithfulness.

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