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Easy Peasy Ecom Review – A Product for All Marketers

Globalization has bridged the limitations for trade and communication like nothing you've seen prior. With the arrival of eCommerce, the internet is changed into an enormous marketplace. An incredible number of successful businesses have surfaced with the eCommerce technology and there are thousands more to come. While there are numerous success stories to view for, the simple truth is that getting success in eCommerce is challenging. With eCommerce giants acquiring a significant portion of the marketplace it is hard to make a powerful USP for your business.


To be able acquire and preserve customers you will need to supply the best buying experience possible. The main element to creating a great buying experience is to hook up with customers at every touchpoint and offer great service. As we tackle the touchpoints in eCommerce business the first two to play the top are mobile and website. Many businesses make the error of neglecting their software or not making one to begin with. Here we will drill down 10 methods for getting success with e-commerce mobile iphone app development so you never make such miscalculation.

For the simple understanding, I've split this article into two parts - the first discusses the must-haves for success in e-commerce mobile iphone app and the next showcases the new add-ons that can provide your eCommerce software a competitive border.

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5 Indispensable Features in virtually any eCommerce App:

1. Intuitive Design:

The look of your store performs an integral role how buyers react in your app. With an attention period of less than 8 seconds, it's important that your users can easily understand the software interface. Creating an extremely complicated design with plenty of animations and wording in the expectation of enticing an individual will usually backfire. With regards to the user user interface simplicity is the ideal solution. This will raise the user experience because of the simplicity.

2. Security:


In case there is eCommerce, you require a whole lot of information from an individual. Some of these details also includes bank-account details, credit/debit greeting card info, address, etc. It's understandable you need to ensure your software is secure. You should not simply require such private information and leave it for the hackers to take. Do monitor the security degree of the iphone app and ensure that we now have no loopholes.

3. Great Images:

Aesthetic information can be prepared 60,000 times faster than word. (source) In case there is eCommerce, your images talk your brand plus your product. One common mistake made here's that individuals have a tendency to save costs incurred on a specialist shooter. Taking product images from mobile or using poor or stock images will harmed your company's image. Ensure that your value is well communicated through your images.



People hate varieties. The longer questionnaire you provide them with the better motivation they have to miss the sign up and go for the iphone app they have registered for. By using social mass media integration, you can lessen the signup and login process. On top of that, you can permit the users to talk about their connection with purchase on public marketing which can help you get a good following and person to person publicity.

5. Easy Checkout:

The common cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. The is usually triggered due to charges issues, competition, seek out better alternatives etc. With an elaborate checkout process, you merely presenting your users another reason to get away from your cart. Keep carefully the checkout process simple, immediate and clean. Also, you should make certain you give a variety of alternatives a user may want for initiating a transfer. You can even offer an inbuilt mobile finances system to smoothen the procedure to the perfect extent.

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5 Ways to Provide a Competitive border to your eCommerce App:


As the above 5 features are fundamental to success in e-commerce mobile software development, these are somewhat obvious. It's likely you have already found out about them and the same applies to your competition. At NewGenApps, we've found 5 unusual add-ons within an eCommerce iphone app that can provide you a competitive advantage.

1. Geofencing:

Geofencing is the technology that permits location-based marketing. Your mobile software can utilize Gps device, RFID, Bluetooth beacons etc to permit your application to recognize the positioning of an individual. By using this technology, you can send custom-made marketing communications to an individual predicated on his location. For instance, you can send promotional offers when the user gets into a shopping mall or marketplace. This will likely make certain you take good thing about the timing and channelize the buying objective in your favor.

2. Augmented Truth:


Augmented reality identifies superimposing virtual items on the real-world items using the user's mobile. Apple and Yahoo have made Augmented Actuality (AR) mainstream with the specific frameworks for AR content development. Using augmented certainty you can showcase an improved view of your products thus permitting users to activate with your app. Using AR users can view your products through multiple perspectives on your e-commerce app. This can ensure that users are in fact content with what they choose to order, thus lowering return rates.

3. Mobile Cloud Processing:

Mobile cloud processing is the blend of cloud processing and traveling with a laptop to give a rich customer experience to the users. A cloud engine unit reduces the server response time and subsequently, boosts your e-commerce iphone app speed. No-one loves to use a poor launching app. Using mobile cloud processing you can make sure that your application sticks out in both quality and performance. This gives your e-commerce mobile iphone app a competitive advantage and make it take customers from competition.

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