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Alterzon Review - Is this the BEST technology ever created in 2018?

A few days back I wrote Alterzon Review

Instead I’ve decided to spent 100% of my time building authority affiliate businesses.

Some people wonder why becoming an authority affiliate marketer is the best way to go.  There are many reasons why it’s the #1 online business.  Today I’ll give you ten.

You might be surprised by some of these answers because they go against the advice you get from most “Internet gurus”…

Reason #1 – You Avoid the “Trap” of Niche Sites

First it was the Google Panda.  Next it was the Penguin.  Soon, we’ll see the Honey Badger.

All of Google’s updates are designed with one thing in mind – To get rid of overly optimized, “thin” websites.

Many affiliate marketers have taken a serious hit to their business from these algorithm changes.  Some people are even back to square one – Trying to figure out how to start a new business.

The primary advantage of an authority affiliate business is you don’t depend on search engine rankings.  In fact, many successful entrepreneurs have built money-making sites without getting Google traffic.

Reason #2 – You Can Focus on ONE Business

Managing multiple websites is stressful.  This is especially true if you’re writing the content by yourself.

You don’t have this problem with an authority affiliate business.

A singular focus provides the best long-term value to you and your readers.  Awhile back, I wrote a post called One Niche to Rule Them All.  My primary point was that focus brings you to the top of Maslow’s Four Stages of Learning.  Eventually you will reach the point of Unconscious Competence:

Unconscious competence is the best game in town.  Talk confidently enough about a topic and you’ll build a loyal fan base.   Ultimately this means more money in your pocket.

Reason #3 – You Have Lazy Competition

Sad, but true…Your competition is lazy.  Most dream of the “4 Hour Workweek” and earning passive income.  Not many are willing to work hard to build a lasting affiliate business.

Lazy competition means there are still lots of opportunities in every market.  All you have to do is find a passion-filled niche and have something meaningful to say. v

Reason #4 – You Can Reuse Content

This one is my personal favorite :-)

You’ll create a lot of content as an authority affiliate marketer.  Yes this requires some effort on your part.  But here’s the good news…  You can take existing content and use it to experience exponential growth.

Nowadays it’s possible to build an audience on multiple platforms.  You can post content in many places without overwhelming the same members of your audience.

Example:  Let’s say you have a blog full of great content.  There are countless ways to recycle these articles for a maximum return on your time investment.

You could take content and:

  • Create a lead magnet report to build an email list.
  • Create a special report PDF to give away to list subscribers.
  • Sell as an Amazon Kindle book.
  • Break apart short tip articles to use as status updates on Twitter.
  • Break apart long tip articles to use as status updates on Google+ and Facebook.
  • Use as a template for a YouTube video or podcast
  • Rework into a guest post for a blog in a related, but different niche
  • Edit/submit to popular article directories
  • Use as a lesson in your autoresponder series.
  • Turn it into a premium, downloadable product.  (Brankica just did this!)

Leveraging content is the best way to get the most out of your time.  All you have to do is create a post one time and you can reuse Warrior Profit Factory Review in a variety of ways.

Reason #5 – You Avoid Information Overload

There is a lot of “noise” in the affiliate marketing space.  Thousands of gurus will want you to join their list and buy their products.  It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed by the variety of affiliate marketing offers.

The reality is most Internet marketing products are written for the “get rich quick” market.  So you can easily ignore these offers and sleep like a baby at night because…

…Authority affiliate marketers build lasting businesses – Not get rich quick schemes. 

Reason #6 – You Save Money

You also save a ton of money as an authority affiliate.  In reality, you don’t need much of an initial investment to get started.  There’s about a $70.99 initial investment with an optional $97 on my favorite tool.

Here’s how it breaks down.

  • $10.99 for domain registration on
  • $60 for a lead magnet eCover image using {estimated}
  • $97 for an Optimize Press squeeze page theme {optional}

Then you’d spend $25.36 every month:

  • $6.36 for web hosting on Host Gator
  • $19 for an Aweber email marketing account

You can literally start a long-term business for under a $100.  This is way better than the niche site strategy because there is no need to invest in tools designed to “trick Google.”

Reason #7 – You Get a Variety of Web Traffic

Most niche businesses are solely depend on search engine traffic.  That means you lose some (or all) income whenever Google slaps your site with a penalty.

An authority affiliate site doesn’t have that problem.  Yes, you want search engine traffic.  But you can also get traffic by:

  • Writing guest posts
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Networking with niche authority leaders
  • Recording podcasts
  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Submitting content to article directories
  • Posting comments on niche forums
  • Building relationships over Facebook and Google+
  • Compiling small books for iBooks and Amazon Kindle
  • Writing press releases

Search engine optimization is no longer the #1 game in town.  There are many ways to build an audience without sucking up to Google.

Reason #8 – You Get More Personal Enjoyment

From January (2012) to March, I created many web properties in my “Niche Experiment.”  I have sites about:

  • Football jerseys
  • Creating rap beats
  • Getting guys to propose marriage
  • iPad 3 Covers
  • Receipt scanners
  • Surviving a zombie apocalypse (seriously)

You know what’s interesting?

I could give a rat’s ass about the content on any of these sites.  I put them together because they could make money; not because I liked the topic.  {The exception is the zombie site.  Who doesn’t love zombies?}

Most authority affiliate sites come from personal passion.  These are the topics you’d talk about even if they didn’t make money.

Having a passion for a specific market goes a long way towards building an audience.  You’ll be excited while creating content.  The end result is your personal brand will stand out from the competition.

Reason #9 – You Build a (Semi) Automated System

The best way to take an authority business to the next level is to create systems.  You want to create processes for everything you do online.

For instance, I have a system for:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Interacting on social media
  • Responding to emails
  • Sending autoresponders and broadcast messages
  • Generating long-term web traffic
  • Creating sources of long-term income

Why is it important to have a system?

It comes down to outsourcing {or Microsourcing as I like to call it.}  With a system, it’s easy to outsource mindless and routine tasks.  This will free up more time that can be spent on mission critical activities.

It’s classic 80/20.  Less time on low quality activities means more time to work on the big money makers.

Reason #10 – You Make More Money


In this post, I talked about how I generated $3,048.75 from niche sites in 2012.  What I didn’t discuss was how I spent over 100 hours working on these sites.  Plus my brother worked twice as long.  That means we generated $10 per hour of work.  {$3,000 / 300 hours = $10 per hour} 

On the other hand, I sent one email on March 15th that has generated $2,161.08.

Even better – This email was part of an affiliate continuity offer.  That means each month I’ll make additional income.

This single email took a whopping total of ten minutes to write.  This works out to $12,966.48 per hour.

So do the math: $10 per hour vs. $12,966.48 per hour

As an authority affiliate marketer you can literally print money on demand.  Simply find a quality offer and tell followers why they should check it out.  But always remember what Uncle Ben said in Spiderman (or Voltaire if you prefer):

With great power comes great responsibility

How to Get Started as an Authority Affiliate Marketer

It’s getting harder and harder to create niche sites that build long-term wealth.  Google is closing the books on this strategy.

Your best bet is to make the move towards becoming an authority affiliate marketer.  Hopefully this post gave you enough reasons why.

So what should you do next?

My advice is to focus on creating an authority site that really matters.  You can learn how to do this by checking my newsletter about six-figure affiliate marketing.  Here you’ll get advanced lessons on what I personally do to make money as an affiliate.


I’ve probably forgotten a number of reasons why you should focus on authority site building.  So it’s your turn.  Comment in the box below and talk about what YOU are doing to build a single, long-term affiliate business.

Or feel free to tell me that I’m full of it.  It’s your choice :-)


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