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Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review in detail

When it comes to building niche websites, the most important first step is to find a niche market that we can enter easily. Just like any other business, competitor analysis is the key.

Now the question is, what kind of competitor analysis we should do?

How to do competitor analysis for a niche market?

Since our primary aim is to rank high on Google and generate traffic to our site, we need to find a Affiliazon DFY Juicers Edition Review that have low competition.

When I say low competition it doesn’t necessarily mean “low number of competitors” but rather, we want to see less websites that are well established or online retailers.

What we also want to see is other “low authority” websites like ours. This is why it’s OK to have high number of competitors as long as they are similar to our site, because it shows that Google is willing to rank other websites that are similar to ours.

This concept is not new and actually Spencer and his team at has been teaching this technique for a while now.

How is my method unique?

One issue I see with some of the existing methods I have come across is that they focus on keywords without purchase intent.

For example, let’s say we are interested in creating a site selling Kickboxing gear and based on some of the existing methods, we would look for top 10 competitors that are ranked in keyword “kickboxing”.

As you can see Map results shows up first followed by some local kickboxing studios. None of these results are really relevant competitors.

For sale is a authority amazon affiliate website in the blender & juicer niche. Blender is one of the profitable amazon niches and the one’s ranking in page one are making $$$ figures commission per day from amazon. There are products from $100-$1000 in this niche and just 10 commissions a day would give you a great income.

Competitiveness of the niche: This is an medium competitive niche. Anyone buying this website must know what is SEO and must be able to build quality backlinks to the website. We have optimized this targeting early 2017.  Ranking for those keywords are easy and will generate good income once 2017 begins.

Keyword Info:


Not only these, but this website will get traffic from hundreds of long tail keywords once you build some quality backlinks to it.

Domain Registered: Mar 17. So you don’t have to wait to come out of the google new site sandbox mode. This site has been live for sometime already.

Current Site Rankings:

This site is ranking for 166 keywords in top 100 of with zero backlinks built to it. Most of which are long tail keywords. Imagine the traffic you get when you build some quality links to it.

Growth Potential:

You could add content for juicers in the future and keep growing this site. We have not considered the keywords of juicers when calculating the potential of this website.

What’s Included with the site?

  • No of Words on Site: 23,668
  • No of Articles: 30
  • One Pillar Article of 3000 Words.
  • Premium Original Theme worth $60.
  • All essential plugins installed.
  • Unique Logo design.
  • Facebook Fan Page.
  • This website has tabular columns (with premium pricing table plugin) and in-post buttons for better amazon click through rate.

Income Estimate:

Based on the keyword metrics & product price entered on, this site has the potential to generate $3993 per month. This income might vary based on the commission structure amazon provides you.

This is based on a reasonable average search engine position of 3 and 40% searches clicking your website.

The higher you rank, the better will be your income.

Please Note: Though it only takes a few month to start generating income from this website, it will take a longer period to achieve the potential income. So do not consider this as an get rich quick website which will generate income immediately.


What to expect with this site?

The site is already indexed in google and ranking for 166 keywords. With a proper backlink strategy, this website will earn to it’s full potential within 2-6 months from now. We will give you a proper plan, “our niche site guide” to rank this website and earn from it.

What Happens After Sale?

  1. We will transfer the domain to your godaddy account. (You can register a free account ).
  2. We will transfer the website files to your webhosting account. ( We don’t recommend godaddy for hosting )
  3. We will insert your affiliate links to the site.
  4. We will Transfer the facebook page ownership to you.
  5. We will send you our niche site success guide and show you videos that will help you rank the site.


Now if we change the strategy a bit by using purchase intent (a.k.a buying intent) keyword, such as “buy kickboxing gloves”, we start to see a more accurate picture.

As you can see, is doing very well with this particular keyword.

With this in mind, I created the following process.

  1. Combine a seed keyword with purchase intent keywords
  2. Use Keyword Planner tool in Google Adwords to get a list of relevant purchase intent keywords with substantial search volume
  3. Use our Keyword Difficulty Checker to find the “Difficult” keywords
  4. Scrape the URL of the top 10 results in Google for each keyword
  5. Identify Blog sites
  6. Check the Page Authority / Domain Authority of each Blog site URL

I am basically looking for other blog site competitors that are ranking for very competitive purchase intent keywords.

If I manage to find a lot of blog type websites with low page authority/domain authority, this shows Google is OK to let low authority sites to rank high for purchase intent keywords in this particular niche market.

Let me use a real example to demonstrate this process.

“Blender” niche market competitor analysis

Let me show you how to do this in depth step by step.

Step 1) Use Excel to create a list of purchase intent keywords

Use the “&” sign to combine the text in each cell to easily create a list of purchase intent keywords for the niche market you are interested in.

In this case, we use “blender” as the seed keyword.

Step 2) Use Keyword Planner to get a list of relevant purchase intent keywords

We want to make sure the keywords our competitors are ranking for has some search volume behind it.

Download the keyword list and sort it by search volume (described in the video below).

Anything keywords with Average Monthly Search Volume between 100 to 2,000 are good candidates.

Step 3) Use our Keyword Difficulty Checker to identify the “Difficult” keywords

The idea here is to find purchase intent keywords that are difficult to rank in “blender” niche.

You can use any other Keyword Difficulty Checker if you have access to one (ours is FREE!)

Step 4) Collect the URL of the top 10 results in Google for the identified keywords

Gather the top 10 ranking URLs from each keyword search result page.

If you have ScrapeBox, this can be done quickly (explained in the video).

Step 5) Identify the blog site

If you are doing this manually, there isn’t really an easy way other than visiting one URL at a time.

If you have ScrapeBox, you can use its Page Scanner plugin to easily identify which URLs are blogs (demonstrated in the video).

Step 6) Check Page Authority and Domain Authority

You can use FREE MozBar browser plugin to get these numbers.

If you have ScrapeBox, you can sign up for a free Moz account and use its API to bulk get these numbers (demonstrated in the video).


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